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Sunday, May 28, 2017


Healing With Horses Workshop

Saturday June 10th, from 1-3:30pm. Cost is $40.

Are you looking for some safe space to heal, grow, be supported and guided as you navigate your life in a changing world these days? Come experience the healing power of horses!

With the horses as your guide, receive the inspiration and insights you need for clarity and decision-making. The horses will help you release any life obstacles, emotions, or beliefs that stand in the way of deep peace, fulfillment, and joy.


*Bring your intentions! We'll share them at the beginning as we open up the healing container for the time spent with horses.

*A short healing meditation for our intentions and the constant changing dynamics and energetics in our world these days!

*The activities with the horses will include reflective sessions, while grounded and present with the horses in their pasture. They will help bring healing and clearing for any life area as well as offer intuitive guidance.

NO HORSE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! These activities are for healing and awareness purposes, and there will be no riding. Wear a hat/sunscreen as needed and dress in layers. The sun is hot in Templeton, although we will provide a shady area to sit when you're not interacting with the horses. Wear sturdy, toe covered shoes or boots.

Cost is $40. To sign up, email Heather at greenbluehealing@gmail.com or call 805-451-1585. BUY NOW at : www.tealhealing.com/payment.htm


  1. I know that being around animals can be a great energy healing technique. I am very happy that we have animals and just having them around is a great way to get feeling better. It is amazing to see what kinds of things can help us feel better.
    Jak Manson | http://www.energizeforjoy.com

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jak! Yes, animals have amazing healing abilities, which is why I work in conjunction with them in my horses healing humans sessions and workshops. Because they are empathic beings, that naturally help us release the heavy loads of emotion, thought, and even physical dis-ease that we carry.

  2. I have heard that horses offer great therapy resources for people. I know that my daughter struggled to read and was super self conscious about it. We got a dog that was pretty gentle and would just lay by her side as she read to him. In all honesty, I actually think he enjoyed it as much as she did.

    jackhawkins1984| http://www.energizeforjoy.com

    1. Hi Jack, Yes I agree completely! Horses in particular help kids overcome self-consciousness or stutter with reading. And the horses benefit from it too. The healing is mutually beneficial--while the kids build confidence and self-esteem, they horses feel seen, understood, and accepted for who they are. Not to mention, they love helping kids learn and grow!