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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Teal Healing Blog

Welcome to my blog, check here for all the latest news and events. Please also visit my web site: www.tealhealing.com


  1. Your intuition and healing has been right on with my cat Greycie. When I contacted you she had difficulty walking, had a head bob, and seemed sad. We rescued Greycie from a women who kicked Greycie and neglected her as well. Since your 4 part Tree of Life healing sessions, she is transformed. Greycie is now running and playing and, her head no longer bobs up and down:) We can even brush her now! Thank you for sharing your very effective gifts. I will not hesitate to contact you if I or any of my animals need help in the future.

    Vicki Sechler

  2. Heather's help with my cat during her final days made the transition a peaceful one. Heather is gentle, professional, and thoughtful. Her kindness will always be appreciated.